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Many homeowners and renters appreciate the security that a firearm provides. Those skilled in firearm use and management are also aware of the susceptibility to home invasion during sleeping hours. In an effort to expedite access to firearms during security incidents, many firearm owners keep firearms in close proximity to sleeping quarters. Although many people simply place a firearm within close reach of a bed, perhaps on the floor, or in a nightstand, such positioning can result in delay or difficulty in engaging the firearm in total darkness and/or after a startling awakening. In an effort to better access firearms during such an event, we have developed a simple yet strong, ergonomically formed, virtually undetectable pistol supporting device.

-What is the Pistol Pod?

The Pistol Pod is a pistol holding device for most pistols. This device is designed ergonomically for the quick, quiet and ease of use for home self-defense situations.
-Most people don’t know what to do with a self-defense weapon (pistol), so when the time comes to defend their loved ones, they either don’t remember where they last put their weapon or it’s in an awkward spot for any kind of quick response.
-This unique patented device gives the user a quick and quiet response to any intruder, while undetectable and conveniently out of your way.

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